Tips For Buying a Used Forklift

When you’re looking to buy a forklift, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is, should I buy new or used? Many companies shy away from buying used because they think it’s much riskier. But the truth is, when you know what you’re looking for, buying a used forklift is just as easy as buying it… Read more »

A Comparison of the Many Different Types of Forklifts

In the world of industrial material handling, forklifts are a must – but it can be difficult to know which to use in different situations. The appropriate forklift for a specific job is determined by surrounding, load, and ultimate destination, so choosing the right kind of forklift is imperative. One of the most popular types… Read more »

How to Become a Certified Forklift Operator

When you work in the material handling business, it’s incredibly important to understand and respect the equipment you work with. These are complex and potentially dangerous pieces of machinery and those operating them must be prepared. This is why industrial truck training is not only recommended, but often required. Companies are bound by law to… Read more »