When forklifts and other large pieces of equipment get damaged, it can bring work to a screeching halt. The problem is that some equipment repair services aren’t worth the hassle. You could get lucky and have a technician fixing the problem that day. But more often than not, repair service technicians take forever to get there, then can’t diagnose the problem and tell you to bring the equipment down to their shop. And after the transport costs, the repair costs, and all the work that’s lost while you wait for the forklift to be fixed, you might feel like it’s worth it to just buy a new piece of machinery.

Well, our repair service, those frustrating interactions with other repair service providers are a thing of the past. We are one of the oldest material handling companies in the business and have been providing the American Southwest and Mexico with the best brands of forklifts, storage products, industrial shelving, forklift attachments, and conveyors for over 50 years.

Our repair service technicians work hard to continue that proud tradition of great products and superb customer service. In each of our local shops, we have over 160 factory-trained service technicians who are well versed in every brand and every type of material handling equipment. They’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a response time of less than 4 hours – so your team can get back to work the same day. And if the problem is too big to fix out in the field, we have award-winning shops in every area that will handle those larger, more time-consuming jobs.

So to get your facility back on track as quickly as possible, you can trust in The Performance People’s repair service.