When you think of a forklift, it’s likely that you think of a warehouse setting. Forklifts can be used in a variety of applications, including construction and agriculture. The forklifts you would see in these material handling scenarios are called rough terrain forklifts. These types of lifts are designed to drive over uneven surfaces while transporting a load. Just like their indoor counterparts, rough terrain forklifts offer a variety of types to meet your specific material handling needs.

Straight Mast Forklift
A straight mast forklift is designed to load and unload building materials. This type of lift provides maneuverability and accessibility due to its heavy-duty pneumatic cushion tires. The large tires on a straight mast forklift can easily travel across rough terrain on a job site and come in either two- or four-wheel drive models. Straight mast forklifts are powered by diesel or propane and can be operated indoors as well as outdoors.

Telehandler Forklift
Telehandler forklifts come equipped with a telescoping boom that enables it to pick up loads at various distances and heights. This type of lift allows operators to reach out in front, giving the operators flexibility in where they place the load. Compared to standard forklifts, telehandlers can provide full-weight lift capacities, anywhere from 18 to 56 feet, depending on the model. Telehandler lifts are ideal for sign installations, building maintenance, and for use in stadiums or arenas.

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