Cascade Forklift Attachments Long Reach Material Handling Brudi Bolzoni Auramo

No matter what your business needs a forklift for, there’s no denying that customization to your business is key. Using one forklift to meet your specialty needs is a great low-cost alternative to investing in multiple specialty lifts. At Naumann/Hobbs, we have attachments and forklift extensions to for all your needs.

With multiple attachments and parts, you can make your forklift versatile and useful for all your business needs. We carry several specialty attachments, including:

  • Fork extensions
  • Fork covers
  • Replacement forks
  • Fixed and telescopic forklift boom attachments
  • Forklift buckets
  • Forklift clamp attachments
  • Fork-mounted drum handling equipment
  • Forklift attachments for lifting
  • Crane hooks and beams
  • Pallet basses and pullers
  • Forklift cab seats and seatbelts

From IC forklifts to electric forklifts, we carry Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) forklift attachments for all makes and models, including Brudi Bolzoni Auramo, Cascade, and Long Reach – You can count on Naumann/Hobbs to have the forklift parts and attachments you need.

The right attachments and parts can increase efficiency, productivity, safety, and even transform a basic forklift into a compact crane. By investing in forklift attachments, you’ll save time and money that would otherwise be spent on buying and renting specialized equipment. Make the most of your forklift with the right attachments from Naumann/Hobbs. Not sure what you need? Our forklift attachment specialist will guide you to the solution that best fits your needs. Give us a call at (866) 266-2244 or stop by one of our locations today.