forklift training

Warehouse safety is about so much more than hard hats. It’s making sure every employee in your warehouse knows how to operate the equipment they are responsible for, how to be aware of their own physical limitations, and how to respond in case of any accidents. Especially within the material handling industry, quality safety training for every employee in your company is an integral prerequisite for efficient everyday operations.

Warehouses are full of potential hazards, from general forklift operation and possible malfunctions to potential injuries caused by falling objects or manual lifting. In addition to providing reliable equipment and repair services designed to improve your overall warehouse safety, Naumann/Hobbs offers a variety of training courses. Our training department offers both OSHA-mandated forklift operator training classes and factory-certified technical training classes for service technicians.

We’re there with 24/7 service when you need us, but making sure all employees are versed in safe warehouse practices and regulations can help you avoid safety threats (and costs) altogether. We want all of our customers to operate at the highest level of safety for your employees and your company. This means being aware of all the potential safety hazards, and knowing how to mitigate them, in addition to being skilled heavy machinery operators.

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