Forklifts and industrial lift systems can mean large upfront investments for businesses – that’s why we’re committed to helping companies find the right forklifts and brands for their material handling needs. Find the right forklift solution for your specific need, whether it includes large industrial supply or a last-minute residential project.

Renting Forklifts

For short-term needs and small one-off projects, renting can provide a quick solution for materials handling issues that come up occasionally, or run on a predictable schedule. If you choose to rent a forklift rather than buy, it’s important to fully understand the rental terms and conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of renting.

  • Advantageous for small businesses without immediate liquidity to purchase
  • Can be cost-effective for short- to medium-term usage
  • Choose from a variety of lifts and material handling solutions depending on the project
  • Maintenance and upkeep is someone else’s problem

Rental Considerations

  • Requires advanced planning and scheduling
  • Some potential for unexpected costs can be incurred if projects take longer than expected
  • Insurance costs may not always be included in pricing
  • Learning curve for operators on new or unfamiliar equipment with each job

Buying Used or New Forklifts

Depending on your business model, buying new or used forklifts can make a tremendous impact on your overall efficiency and the effectiveness of your materials handling process. For example, owning a forklift might make sense for your business if you consistently have large material handling needs and can afford to properly service and maintain a forklift.

  • Advantageous for large businesses with consistent need
  • Ready on call, which can provide more flexibility and efficiency
  • Superficial exterior damage won’t affect your costs
  • Set pricing that can be easily budgeted
  • Operators have experience with consistent equipment

Purchasing Considerations

  • Requires large upfront capital investment
  • Equipment depreciates and requires regular maintenance and investment
  • Less access to the latest technology and models
  • Projects at multiple sites require planning and transportation costs

Our proprietary managed maintenance program can help determine how to track your materials handling in order to determine what kind of forklift solution – renting or buying – is right to maximize the efficiency of your operations. We also have forklift specialists available to audit your systems and discuss the option that makes the most sense for your business and your materials.

Call 866-266-2244 to schedule one of our specialists to survey your applications and discuss forklifts options for your business applications.