warehouse roller shelving

Carton/case flow rack provides high-density and first-in/first-out storage of case, carton and tote level inventory. Utilizing gravity flow wheels, carton flow rack can be designed to handle a wide variety of case sizes and weights. It can also handle varying depths and storage capacities depending on the number of cartons to be stored.

Carton/case flow racks are ideal for picking full cartons or split-cases. They are also optimal in providing order picking access to a high quantity of SKU locations in a relatively small space, which allows for greater pick rates and overall productivity.

Carton/case flow racks can be designed and utilized as stand-alone racks or can be integrated into pallet rack for overhead storage. It can also be designed as part of a multi-level structure and pick-module design for order fulfillment operations.

Carton/case flow racks are available with a wide variety of wheel designs and configurations. Light, medium and heavy-duty applications and products can utilize carton/case flow systems. Systems are available that provide infinite adjustability for carton and lane widths, offering excellent flexibility to accommodate SKU slotting changes. Carton/case flow racks employ a modular design to accommodate varying shelves and shelf heights, lanes per shelf, wheels per lane, and so forth.

Carton/case flow racks come with a variety of accessories to best meet requirements including lane dividers, entry impact plates, tilted shelves for easy product access and many more. There are carton/case flow rails and shelves designed specifically for retrofitting to existing racking and/or for replacing old and damaged rails and wheels.

Our design engineers base our solutions on a deep understanding your storage and operational needs, including inventory requirements, SKU and cubic velocities, replenishment requirements, pick-rates, order cycle times and space requirements.

If you have products that you need continuous and easy access to, a carton/case flow rack system is a great solution for you! Call us today at (866) 266-2244 and let us address your needs.