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Over the past 20 years, we’ve welcomed Hawthorne Lift Systems and Inland/Hobbs to the Naumann/Hobbs family. We’ve had a license on the Hawthorne Lift name for 10 years, and since that license expires in December, it’s the perfect time to complete the transition of all three companies to the Naumann/Hobbs brand.

We’ve already been operating as one company, so this transition won’t have much of an impact on you or our customers. For the most part, it will be business as usual and only positive changes. As part of this brand transition, we’ve also taken some time to articulate what makes Naumann/Hobbs unique so we can communicate that to customers and new Associates, plus brainstorm ways we can make this an even better place to work.

See the FAQs below for more information on what will be changing and what you need to do next. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact your manager or email Bonnie Sena at

Frequently asked questions

What’s changing, and what’s staying the same?

In short, not much will be changing

If you’re located in California or Nevada, you will see small changes like new signage and uniforms. No Associates (regardless of location) will experience any changes to their day-to-day responsibilities, paycheck, or benefits because of this initiative.

Overall you can expect business to continue as usual, as well as a few improvements such as:

  • Greater clarity and focus as a company. We now have one goal, one culture, and one message.
  • A new sales and marketing opportunity to reach out to customers with a more consistent message and reinforce the value of working with us.
  • A more defined company mission, core values, and differentiators in the marketplace so we can show customers and new hires what makes Naumann/Hobbs unique.
  • Improved communication to help make Naumann/Hobbs an even better place to work for you and your team.
  • Cost savings and internal efficiency from operating as one brand.



Here’s what you need to know at a glance.

Will this affect my pay or benefits?

No. Your pay and benefits will remain the same.

Will there be changes to my job or process?

No. Your day-to-day responsibilities and processes will remain the same.

Will we get new uniforms, rentals, and systems?

Associates in California and Nevada will receive new uniforms, signage, van graphics, forms, and other materials in the coming months. Service technicians in Arizona will also receive new uniforms as we transition to one consistent uniform in all markets. No rental or system changes will be made as part of this initiative.

Will my email address change? If so, will I still have access to my old emails?

Email addresses will remain the same for all Arizona Associates.

For Hawthorne Lift and Inland/Hobbs Associates, the first part of your email address will be the same, but it will end with instead of or In late November or early December, you will be notified that your new email address is ready for use.

If your email address is changing, you will still have access to your old emails.  We will also be providing an IT Best Practices in late November/ early December and will post it on the Home page of the Associate intranet.

When will new uniforms, signage, and vans be delivered?

New uniforms, signage, van graphics, forms, and other materials will be rolled out in California and Nevada over the next few months. Associates in all markets will be notified when your new uniforms are ready so you can make the exchange when you drop off your old uniform for cleaning.

New print collateral, quote paper, and digital files will be delivered in the coming weeks. Please begin using them on December 1st. All old printed materials will be collected the week of December 4th. Old digital files should be deleted from your computer to avoid confusion.

What do I do with the Hawthorne Lift or Inland/Hobbs polo shirts I bought?

Any Hawthorne Lift or Inland/Hobbs polo shirts you’ve purchased can be traded in for free for a new Naumann/Hobbs polo.

What are my customers going to think? How do I communicate these changes to them?

Customers in Arizona will be the most familiar with the Naumann/Hobbs name, so the brand transition won’t impact them at all.

California and Nevada customers know us as Hawthorne Lift Systems or Inland/Hobbs, respectively. The Hawthorne Lift name is strong in California, so the likelihood of confusion or concern is greatest in that region. The changes will likely feel less significant in Nevada because the “Hobbs” part of our name and brand colors will stay the same.

Communicating with our customers early and often will help ease any fears or worries they may have. For sales staff, you’ll be asked to visit our larger customers so you can personally let them know about the transition and answer any questions they may have. For service technicians, you’ll be provided with information to help tell our story on each service call you make. We will provide handouts as well as talking points to make the conversation as easy as possible. All of our customers will also be notified via email or mail.

Do I need to contact our vendors to let them know of the changes?  Are there any Accounting/Billing changes that I need to communicate?

Vendors will be notified of the changes via email or mail.  If a vendor requires a new W9, you can find the most recent version on the Company Intranet Home Page.

There are no Accounting/Billing changes other than having checks addressed to Naumann/Hobbs.  We will also send notification to our AP/Billing contacts via email or mail.  If you have any questions, you can also contact Jessica Lewis at or Heather Carlise at

Will my California and Nevada customers know the Naumann/Hobbs name?

They may be familiar with Naumann/Hobbs, or it may be new to them. You can ease any concerns they may have by sharing that Naumann/Hobbs has been one of the largest and best providers of material handling equipment, parts, service, and supply chain solutions in the Southwest for over 60 years. You can also reassure them that they’ll still be working with the same people, have access to the top brands, call the same number, and get the same great service they’ve come to know and trust.

Will the brands we carry change?

No. The brands we carry will not change as part of this initiative.

Will my ESOP shares change?

No. Your ESOP shares will not change as part of this initiative.

Which company do I recruit to?

Since we’re operating as one company under the Naumann/Hobbs name, candidates should be recruited to Naumann/Hobbs, regardless of the market you’re recruiting in.

Is corporate going to be more involved now?

The leadership team’s goal is to improve communication and support for all branches so you enjoy working here and can provide the best service possible to your customers. That means you may be hearing from them more frequently and see some new company culture initiatives in the coming months. If you have any suggestions for management or want to help lead these initiatives at your branch, email Bonnie Sena at