The first and most important step toward lowering your business’s operating costs is to accurately track all of those costs, and no one can help you do that better than Naumann/Hobbs. Our proprietary Managed Maintenance Program tracks your equipment utilization and operating expenses, and identifies easy ways to save, not just for your business as a whole, but for each piece of equipment we supply.

Are some pieces of your equipment overworked, while others are underutilized? Should you replace a piece of equipment with the same model, or is something different better suited for the job? Would a forklift rental be a better option than purchasing a new forklift? Managed Maintenance tracks, usage, repair or maintenance costs, and causes of damage to allow you to make the most informed decisions regarding your equipment service.

The Managed Maintenance Program includes:

  • Customized Reports: Reports identify repair costs by category such as general maintenance, damage, tires, attachments, or modifications along with a detailed description of each repair. Equipment utilization reports identify how often each piece of equipment is being utilized daily.
  • Simplified Accounting: You’ll receive one level monthly invoice, reconciled when you want. You pay ONLY for what you use.
  • Personal Consultation: Each customer is assigned a fleet manager who will analyze your reports and design a customized service and maintenance plan for your fleet.
  • Controllable Expenses: We’ll help you identify and address controllable expenses, such as excessive tire wear, accidental damage or misuse, underutilization, or too large a fleet.


What makes Managed Maintenance unique is that we don’t just track your overall dollar spend. Instead, Managed Maintenance tells you the operating cost of each piece of equipment per hour, so you know exactly where your business is spending money. Let us help you save more.

Take the first step toward substantial savings with a Managed Maintenance Fleet Audit. Call Naumann/Hobbs at 866-266-2244 to get started today.