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Whether you’re just starting out or in the middle of a growth period, it’s hard to know exactly what material handling equipment you’re going to need to be successful. Instead of making an investment into equipment you may not need, try rentals from Naumann/Hobbs.

Each of our locations offers rentals a large range of material handling equipment. Perfect for a short project or a transition period for your company, these rentals will help you get work done without pushing you over budget.

Rentals Available at Naumann/Hobbs Locations

There are Naumann/Hobbs locations across the Southwest, including California, Nevada and Arizona. Although brands and equipment vary across location, we have plenty of variety available for rentals. Some of our customer’s favorite rentals include:

  • Forklift rentals
  • Industrial battery and charger rentals
  • Industrial cart rentals
  • Scissor lift rentals
  • many more


Rental Periods that Work for You

Our rentals are available for short-term and long-term use. Just tell our staff your needs and we’ll advise you on the type of equipment you’ll need and how long you’ll need each of the rentals. To give you an idea of what rentals have worked best for our customers in the past, take a look at these common scenarios.

Short-Term Equipment Rentals

  • Short projects, like event setup/takedown
  • Businesses with variable product flow
  • Moving warehouse locations
  • Trial and testing before purchase
  • Immediate need for a replacement piece of equipment.

Long-Term Equipment Rentals

  • Longer projects, like construction equipment rentals
  • Seasonal industries, like agriculture


Rental Repair Services

All our rental equipment comes with 24/7 repair services and convenient delivery options, meaning you save more money and keep your projects running smoothly. Make your business more efficient by partnering with Naumann/Hobbs.

Ready to get started? Visit your nearest location, or call (866) 266-2244 for more information on available rentals.

*Brands & products vary by location.