Companies across the West are turning to The Performance People for their used pallet rack needs. Our extensive experience working with companies of various industries has given us the ability to match our customers with the ideal type of pallet racking for their needs. From bulky loads of lumber to small parts, we’ve got used pallet racks for a wide range of applications – each with a budget-friendly price tag.

Benefits of Used Pallet Racks:

  • Buying used gets you the exact pallet racking system you need for your warehouse at a fraction of the cost.
  • Purchasing previously used pallet racks means fast, easy installation.
  • We have the capability to refurbish used pallet racks to offer you a value solution for your storage needs.

Looking for selective pallet racks? This popular type of racking system is almost always available used and in great condition. You’ll also find used drive-in/drive-thru pallet racks, push back pallet racks, pallet flow racks, and much more. Not only do we guarantee the highest-quality possible, but our used pallet racks also come at a price that’s easy on the wallet. Depending on what we have in stock, you may find the perfect used pallet racking system already assembled and ready for your warehouse.

Contact us today at (866) 266-2244 for information about our used pallet racking systems, as well as our wide selection of other used warehouse products.