Used Forklifts For Sale

Value Plus Reliability

Get the Best on a Budget

Naumann/Hobbs experts select the best previously-owned forklifts and make them available to your business. Let our staff assess your needs, and we’ll find the perfect used forklift to do your work, at a price you’ll love. These forklifts are from the best brands, given the attention they need to keep them working for you for years to come. 

Brands and products vary by location.

Selection Changes Daily

Our used forklift list changes every day. Keep up-to-date with availability by scrolling through our list. If you’re looking for rough terrain machines, electric forklifts, or other material handling tools, we’re here to match your needs and your budget. 

More Options

At Naumann/Hobbs, we also offer forklift rentals and new forklifts for sale with the option to lease. These can be more cost-effective measures, depending on your needs and strategy, now and in the future.

Find Your Solution

Whether you are looking to purchase equipment, interested in a fully customized optimization for your business and warehouse, need a consultation, or have a question, Naumann/Hobbs is here to help.